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Solar View Vinyl Replacement Windows - Specially Designed Windows for the Pacific Northwest Climate.

In a quest for efficiency, window companies have taken The Path of Least Resistance, in making windows more efficient, by using more layers of Low-E coatings making Very Dark Windows that block out most of the light from your home and make it impossible to gain passive solar energy from the sun during the winter. Click here to read more about our Solar View windows.


Milgard Vinyl Windows

vinyl windows from milgardMilgard vinyl windows stand apart for how they're made. Each additive to our vinyl recipe helps determine the long-term characteristics of the final product. By using only the finest quality vinyl ingredients in our award-winning vinyl windows, Milgard gives you a vinyl window like no other. That's why all our vinyl windows meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® qualifications and are backed by a lifetime warranty. Click here to read about our Milgard vinyl windows.





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